Difficulties of Choosing the Diamond Engagement Rings for Men

Summary: When you want to choose the diamond engagement rings for men you may face some issues. Know about them to solve them quickly.

Both men and women prefer diamonds. There is hardly anyone present on this world who would not love to wear a diamond ring. If you want to make your man happy, then you can also consider about buying a diamond ring for him on your engagement. That can be a big surprise for him also. However, there are some difficulties in choosing the right diamond engagement rings for men. You should be aware of those issues so that you can solve them and get the best one for your handsome partner. The matter is not very tough one, and you can easily get the most desired item.

Limitation of Designs

Women are lucky in this matter. The jewelry industry is more concerned about its female buyers than the male ones. However, the conventional idea that only women are the users of ornaments has changed a lot and the modern ornament manufacturer design various items for the men too. There are some exclusive engagement rings for men that look stylish, elegant and classy. Nonetheless, when you want to buy the best men engagement ring, you should look at the most reputed and experienced jewellery showrooms. They have designers who are skilled and passionate about creating something extraordinary for all types of customers.

The High Price

Most of the jewelry manufacturers offer such rings men at a high price. Thus, the average people may not be able to buy them no matter how sincere desire they have for the same. The good news is there are some online stores where you can find the most fashionable diamond engagement rings for men at affordable prices. They have huge stock so that you can choose according to your budget. You do not need to empty your bank balance to buy one single ring. Gift him a ring that will symbolize your eternal journey.

Buy Diamond Nose Pin Online India for Various Occasions

Summary: Nose pins are one of the latest fashion trends and you can buy diamond nose pin online India from the most reputed and trendy online store.

The latest trend of jewelry has changed a lot. It changes according to the taste and lifestyle of the users. Nowadays, housewives are not the only customers of these items. Even professional women prefer to wear light but charming ornaments that suit their profession as well as their personality. The use of nose pins becomes so familiar that they become one of the latest fashion trends of the youngsters. You can see a lot of youngsters who love to wear nose pins with jeans and tops or other western outfits. With the help of the internet, they can easily buy diamond nose pin online India from the reputed online jewelry stores.

Perfect For All Ages

No matter whether you are a college girl or a housewife of mid 40; a diamond nose pin can enhance your look and entire personality to a great extent. That can be a perfect gift to a young daughter from her father or to a mother from her son. They can easily buy diamond nose pin online India for the women of their house and surprise them any day. These pins are highly attractive and stylish. There are both big and small nose pins available that can be the best style statement in any occasion.

Know the Price

Make sure that you know the diamond nose stud price in India before you buy the same. The price of these pieces depends on the size of the diamond and the material on which the stone is studded. You can get a wide range of products on various online stores according to your budget. However, you should make sure that all the items have genuine stones. Check the grade of the diamond and be sure about its authenticity. You can select the diamond studded nose pins as a wonderful gift as well.


Buy Diamond Pendant Online Before This Valentine Day

Summary: Enjoy this valentine day with your beloved and buy diamond pendant online for her. Your beloved will treasure the day.

Valentine day is knocking at the door, and you can feel love in the air. This special occasion of love can become more enjoyable when you buy diamond pendant online for your beloved. She will love to get such a lovely present from you. There are lots of online jewelry stores that offer stylish gold pendants for the modern women. However, Valentine day is not the only occasion when you can consider buying these pieces. They are perfect for any occasion. You can even buy them to wear every day at home or office.

Special Designs for Special Occasions

When you want something special for a particular day, then you should look for the same. There are online stores that have special categories for these occasions. For example you can buy diamond pendant online for your anniversary, the birthday of your spouse or kids or for someone else. The upcoming valentine day can be special for you when you choose the best diamond pendant for your partner and see the glow on her face. You need to go to that special section on the website and choose the most stylish one. The pendants have some special designs that are perfect for the occasion.

Reasonably Priced For You

Diamonds are no more beyond the reach of middle class buyers. They can also buy diamond pendants online at an affordable rate. There are gorgeous and lovely pieces that are reasonably priced. You need to choose the one according to your budget. On the other hand, if your budget is not an issue when you choose the gift for your loved one, then you can have plenty of options including some loud and heavy pendants. Do not think that buying a diamond pendant means spending all your salary in one day; there are beautiful diamond necklace available online that are not very costly.

Go With the Flow with the Latest White Gold Hoop Earrings

Summary: You can choose the latest white gold hoop earrings to look gorgeous and chic. These are the new fashion statement for the modern ladies.

Gold jewelries are preferable for almost all the occasions. The jewellery industry has seen a huge change in the concept and process of making gold ornaments in the last few years. Nowadays, the old and conventional designs have got the new look and feel. The introduction of white gold is one of the most amazing examples of this new look. Buy the latest white gold hoop earrings to look more fashionable. That is a kind of gold ornament without the golden glow; rather, it is white in color. There is high demand of white gold hoop earrings in the market and you can have them easily on various online stores.

Perfect Match with Your Outfit

There are some particular dresses with which golden ornaments do not look good. But you love gold and cannot think about any other metal. So, buy the white gold hoop earrings to have the best look. There are different types of white gold earrings available online. You can have diamond stud or some flower designs on these earrings. There are big and small earrings, and you can have them online easily. They are good to wear for daily uses. They are extremely stylish and can match your fashionable outfit.

Gorgeous Designs Offered

This is one of the latest fashions of the jewelry industry and you should be aware of the same if you want to look gorgeous and impressive. The skilled and qualified professionals can offer some lovely designs in white gold. They are even good for your little princess because they are easy to wear and safe to use for regular wear. As a parent, you can choose some small and simple gold hoop earrings online for your little angel. Even celebrities love to wear these simple but pretty earrings on various occasions. They are best for all types of women; whether you are a housewife or a professional one.


Get Some Fashionable Diamond Stud Earrings Online

Summary: You can choose a stylish and pretty diamond earring for any occasion. Buy the latest diamond stud earrings online at affordable rates.

No matter what is the occasion; a lovely and chic diamond earring can be your best companion to complement your gorgeous personality. You can choose something very small but classy to wear for some regular events. There are lots of professional women who love to have such a pretty earring when they go to their workplace daily. On the other hand, there are some gorgeous and heavy diamond sets that can be worn on some special occasions when you need to look gorgeous and elegant. You can look for the latest diamond stud earrings online for both these occasions. There is a broad range of earrings in terms of style, size and cost.

Screen Shot 2018-04-13 at 2.48.57 PM

Size Does Matter

When it comes to choosing the diamonds, size matters all the time. The bigger diamonds you want, the bigger bill you need to pay. Thus, you should select the diamond stud earrings online as per your budget. There are some reputed diamond jewellery manufacturers who have their official websites. You need to visit those websites to see a wide stock of diamond stud earrings. There are pieces that you can easily wear daily. They are extremely light weight and trendy so that you can wear them at parties and in offices as well.

Fashionable but Not Costly

In the modern days, diamond jewellery is not as costly as they used to be in the past years. Nowadays, the manufacturers offer some light weight diamond stud earrings online India that are highly affordable. They do not come with a huge price tag. You can even think of selecting them as a gift item when it is the matter of happiness of someone you love and care. They are highly trendy and gorgeous. There are some long and big earrings that you can wear at parties and events where you need to look attractive and impressive.


The Best Way of Choosing Diamond Engagement Rings in India

Summary: Consider using the internet to find out the best range of diamond engagement rings India in terms of affordability and style.

Diamond rings symbolize love and care; no matter where you live or which culture you belong to, this is probably a general belief of the entire human race. That is the reason the craze for online diamond stores are so high, and that demand is augmenting day by day. There are lots of popular jewelry manufacturers who have online stores. They have skilled and experienced jewellery designers who know how to create something excellent with those precious stones. They can offer you the biggest stock of buy engagement ring online as per your budget and choice.

Choose the Best Brand

When you are shopping for diamonds, you need to be a little more conscious about the brands than you usually are. May be there are plenty of websites that offer the highly fashionable and affordable pieces. However, you need to be more careful about the authenticity of the diamonds before you buy engagement ring online. Never forget to buy the item from a reputed store that can offer you only the genuine diamonds and nothing else. You may not be an expert of diamonds, but you can check the grade of the stone and other certifications from the higher authority to be sure about the authenticity. Only a reputed brand can ensure that high quality of diamonds.

Shop It Together

You can shop the ring together with your loved ones when you find it online. In this busy life, you may not get enough time to go to a brick and mortar store together and spend hours to choose the best diamond engagement rings India. On the other hand, you can select the option of online shopping where you can choose the images of the rings from the internet and send them to your fiancé for her/his approval. You can save your time and get a lot of options when you shop them online.

Advantages of Online Diamond Jewelry Shopping For Gifts

Summary: No matter how many you have, you cannot ignore the thrill of online diamond jewellery shopping when you find the biggest stock at an affordable rate.

Diamonds are not only precious because of the economic value but also because of their captivating beauty. They are priceless in the real sense. That is the reason the demand for the latest diamond jewelry is so high among the women who prefer to look gorgeous and chic. With the advent of the recent technologies, our life has received many advantages and one of them is online shopping. You can buy diamond jewellery online whenever you like. There are lots of benefits of buying them online or taking the help of the online stores to get your favorite jewellery in your hand.

Get a Wide Array of Stock

There are plenty of online jewellery stores that offer some modern and chic designs of diamond pieces. That wide array of stock cannot be seen in one particular brick and mortar store. You may have hundreds of showrooms in your locality where you can find some great diamond jewelry. However, it is almost impossible for you to visit all those stores to get the best piece. That means you cannot get that stock and choose the best one. On the other hand, you can easily enjoy the online diamond jewellery shopping where you can visit more than 50 stores within 50 minutes and get the most desired one.

Get the Item at Your Doorstep

When you order the item from any online store, you will receive the same at your doorstep. You do not need to go anywhere. Just seat at your home or office and wait for the delivery boy to receive your favorite diamond necklace. The trend of online diamond jewellery shopping is not a new one. The online stores can help you to get plenty of new designs that can be worn on various occasions. Moreover, you can get sets that are not very heavy or loud; instead you can choose something very casual or simple that you can even wear at your office regularly.

The Top 5 Trends one should keep in mind when Choosing Bridal Jewelry

Every bride has a wish, to dazzle all the guests with the bridal jewelry she wears and her attire. Many brides want to add that extra splash of color to their bridal outfit. Bridal jewelry holds a very special place in any Indian wedding and every bride dreams to dazzle in the best jewelry and wishes to make heads turn. However,we need to accept the fact that the trends are changing with times and even the brides are more conscious about the way they look and are also paying more attention to match their jewelry with their wedding outfit.

Let us have a look at the top trends in the Indian bridal jewelry that need to be kept in mind while shopping:

A diamond is the bride’s biggest fad:

Today the Indian bride does not think twice before wearing any diamond jewelry. Any type of uncut diamond jewelry is always in trend. Gold jewelry which is embedded with a number of precious stones and semi-precious gemstones are also very trendy and also provide a special dimension to the overall appearance of the bride.

Choose from Ethnic:

Many people do choose from traditional ethnic jewelry and these have gained a lot of popularity these days. The ethnic jewelry is crafted by certified experts who design unique trendy pieces using their skills to full use by creating pieces with beautiful enameling (Meenakari). Such ancient and ethnic designs can be worn with any traditional outfit and these would make any bride the center of attention.

Choose from Fusion Jewelry:

Another overwhelming trend that is currently very popular is that of Polki (uncut Diamond)- Diamond (Full cut) Fusion Jewelry. Traditionally Kundan Meena jeweler, considered the most authentic and most popular for bridal jewelry was made purely with polkis, which are uncut diamonds. For years, brides have adorned the kundan meena necklaces with huge diamond polkis. Currently, the trend is shifting. The Younger and more modern brides want a dash of full cut diamond along with the big sizes of polkis. This has led to some beautiful creations with even fancy colored diamonds being used with polkis giving a different meaning ot the traditional kundan meena jewelry.

Choose from jewelry apart from necklace or earrings:

Brides can also choose from other traditional ornaments other than necklace or earrings and some of the best examples are armlet or a waistband or even a nose pin. These can be dated back to the Indian history and were used by ladies and queens who hailed from royal dynasties. Brides can also choose from nose piercing to add that extra tinge of glamour.

The Tiara or the maangtika:

Maangtika is worn by the Indian brides and these are now days available in unique designs. Precious stones are used in the making which add the extra glitter and sparkle to the maangtika. A tiara is also worn in some traditional Indian weddings. These are mostly made in Gold or silver and American diamonds or diamonds are used to add that extra spark to the ornament.

New designs in Mangalsutra:

One ornament which always would remain an inevitable part of the Indian bride is the Mangalsutra. Mangalsutra is a chain, which is made with the use of gold and black beads and has a prominent place in Indian Marriages. The traditional Mangalsutra’s are long in length but with changing times, the designs have undergone a transformation and we can now find these in various lengths and designs. The Indian bride today has a lot of designs to choose from. Be it traditional or unique designer diamond jewelry, the bride can choose from any and look special on her wedding day.


The know-how on how diamonds are being mined

Diamonds are mined in extremely hazardous conditions. That is also one of the main reasons why the precious gemstone has a hefty price tag attached to it. Some of the highlighters on how diamonds are being produced are stated below:

  • The process of diamond creation actually begins here, wherein the fields are dug as much as 100 miles below the earth’s surface. It is the immense pressure and heat, by which carbon atoms crystallize to form rare form of gemstone called ‘a diamond’.
  • Then diamonds are made to arrive at a rough surface, and a volcanic eruption arises due to the tremendous heat and pressure found in the earth, dug far below. The eruption is also known as a kimberlite eruption. A previous eruption of a similar kind arose as early as 100 million years ago.
  • In order to discover kimberlite eruptions, Geologists use termite pipes. The process reveals specific volcanic rocks where there is huge amount of diamonds.
  • Not many of you realize the hazardous and tight environmental conditions under which diamonds are extracted. To reach the bottom most portions of the kimberlite rocks, these are actually blasted. The method used to mine diamonds is pit-mining. Hydraulic shovels and heavy machinery need to be used in order to thaw the rocks rip open and discover diamonds located far deep below.
  • In regions where one can find diamonds near a thinner layer of sand and gravel, an easier method of excavating diamonds is used. The method is known as ‘open pit’ mining.
  • On the other hand, it is the underground mining, which is the most complicated way of extracting the precious gemstones. This method depends on size, shape and nature of kimberlite deposit found.
  • You can also extract diamonds from seabed’s. This form of diamond mining is known as marine mining.
  • Now that diamonds are extracted, these need to be processed. The first step in processing of hard-core carbon atoms are known as comminution, i.e. breaking up of the ore by crushing and milling.
  • Once the ore has been crushed, it is mixed with ferrosilicon using dense medium separation, known as DMS.
  • As the diamonds repel against water and are subject to grease, they are made to pass via the diamond belt.
  • The rough diamonds are measured and categorized into several types, before they are actually cut.
  • These are sorted on the basis of color, size and clarity.
  • Diamonds now have to be cut and sawed. There are several instruments and machinery, to get the job done.
  • Examiners have to constantly keep checking the various facets of the diamond stone. The process in creation of diamonds goes through several checks of quality.
  • Each diamond stone is examined using a microscope, to check on its clarity.
  • Finally the diamonds are manufactured in several shapes and colors to make intricate jewelry and sold to diamond showrooms across the world.

Some of the famous diamond mines are located in Russia, Canada and Namibia.

Some brain storming facts on diamonds!!

Diamond is the most precious gemstone for most of us. You want to flaunt your appearance with an elegant diamond necklace for the all-important cocktail party or your fiancée wants to impress you thoroughly by wanting to put a solitaire diamond ring on your sleek finger. Either ways, diamond speaks for itself. Some wealthy men from the elite society accumulate rare forms of diamonds to showcase them, adding to their status symbol with pride. Pink diamonds are little rare to find. I am going to take you through some of the mind boggling facts about the glitter stones, which very few of us know about.

  • Diamonds are more than a trillion years old.
  • It is the favorite gemstone among ladies born in the month of April. So do you know why these guys need an extra pep up in the form of diamond rings or exclusive pendant sets?
  • The ancient Romans or Greeks believed that diamonds were the tear drops of Gods. Some even believed that these gemstones were splinters from falling stars. There is also one more mythology associated with diamonds; the cupid’s arrows were adorned with diamonds.
  • You can discover diamonds buried deep within the ground, as much as 100 miles below the earth’s surface. It is the volcanic eruptions that makes diamonds rise up to the surface.
  • Diamonds are the hardest crust of natural diamonds. Are you all not aware of the saying that ‘only a diamond can cut another diamond’?
  • Diamond is purely made of 100% pure carbon. Due to the abrasive heat and pressure far below the crust of the earth’s surface, carbon atoms bond in a unique way to get a rare form of crystalline gem stones, i.e. carats of diamond.
  • In yesteryear’s, India was the original source of diamonds, supplying the world’s favorite gemstones across Venice, Europe and many other countries. This was during 1400’s. Then the production of diamonds in the sub-continent subsequently declined. Brazil then took over, as the world’s greatest reserves of diamonds up until late 1800’s. Today it is South Africa which owns most of exclusive diamond mines supplying rare and precious form of gem stones, around the world. You can also find top class diamond mines, in Canada, Namibia and Russia.